Course Selection

Choose your courses and apply for your own Braemar College email in these five easy steps.

  1. Fill out the personal information.
  2. Please have a look at the Term 1 timetable PDF here.
  3. Copy the course you want to take and paste it into the matching period field. Simply leave blank any period when you will not be studying.
  4. If possible, please include a backup option for each period. (If you want to learn more about one of the courses, you can look it in up in our Course Calendar.)
  5. Click SUBMIT.

We will follow up shortly and confirm your choices.

Please note: Starting in September, 2021, all Braemar students will need to have a Braemar email. Only students with a unique Braemar email will be able to log onto our online learning system or stream classes. If you do not already have your own Braemar College email, don’t worry, you will be automatically signed up through filling out this form.

We are planning to send out invitations for your new email in the first week of September, so please remember to check your email (and junk folders!) to make sure you don’t miss the invitation. You can sign up for your email when you have finished choosing your courses.


-The Braemar Guidance Team