Art & Design

Take your interest in art and design to the next level.

The aim of our Art and Design Pathway is to help students improve the conception, development, and execution of their design ideas. This is partly through the careful study of some of the world’s greatest artworks and partly through practice.


Before finishing this pathway students would have learned: · The broad outlines of the main traditions in Western art history · How to work in pen, pencil, paint, sculpture, video, and experimental media · How to put together a compelling portfolio


The courses in the pathway will do more than just allow students to explore their creative abilities. Students will be exposed to new ways of thinking about aesthetic experience, and exposed to some of the preeminent thinkers on some of the big questions.


Successful graduates would: · Receive the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) · Benefit from full application support for top art and design programs around the world · Automatically qualify for exclusive Braemar-only entrance scholarships when applying to any of our university partners

“Braemar College allowed me to devote myself to my passion–which was art. Now I’m about to start at one of the country’s top animation schools.”

Yaser (Uganda)

Let’s take your interest in art and design to the next level.