What we do

We build an online pathway from where you are now to post-secondary programs in Canada.

Whether you have completed the equivalent of grade 11 or simply require a few extra courses to qualify for your chosen program, whether college or university–tell us where you want to go and we take care of the rest.


After you apply, we test your English and (if necessary) math skills. This allows to know what your level is and how to start building your pathway.

Credential Evaluation

Our guidance team evaluates your credentials to see where you are and create the most effective realistic pathway to your chosen post-secondary programs.

Credits granted

We grant you Ontario Secondary School Credits for the work you have completed up to now, ensuring you don’t have to repeat work already completed.

Personal study plan

We make a detailed study plan, showing the courses and the other requirements to qualify you for your Canadian postsecondary program.

On-Target systems

Our On-Target systems as well as our guidance team are there to help keep you focused and motivated, ensuring you finish your work on time.

Application specialists

For over twenty-five years our guidance team has been helping international students enter Canadian post-secondary programs at all levels.

Find out what pathway is best for you.